Friday, August 6, 2010

Shamu ROCKS! and so does Sea World!

Sea World today was awesome! We got there around 11am and tried to get the extra tickets which took us backstage at the Sea Lion/Otter show, to pet a shark and a penguin and to feed and pet the dolphins-but they were already sold out! So, the gal at Guest Relations told us to head to Dolphin Cove and push the 'little cutie in the wheelchair' right up to the front and pull the sympathy card and see what happens....well, I hate to say it, but we did just that! And we got our own private feeding/petting show with the dolphins! All the while, everyone else watched us from waaaay behind a fence and across the lake and were crazy jealous I'm sure! The Sea World crew was so kind-we were so excited for Ethan to pet a dolphin-and he did and he was smiling and loving it. That is until the dolphin he was petting moved-that FREAKED him out! He square-mouthed it all up and even cried a few tears! You can see the loveliness of it in the pics below!

From there we hit the Dolphin Show-beautiful!

The 'Believe' Show featuring Shamu and all the other killer whales (minus Tillikum of course)

The Sea Lion/Otter/Walrus Show-hysterical

We also walked through the shark encounter and the kids fed some small sharks and pet some stingrays.

And of course-Brian and Hailey rode The Manta-a crazy roller coaster which you are diving head first and upside down into twists and turns! And the Kraken-one of Orlando's largest steel coasters-again, not one for the faint of heart-namely me and Parker!

We finished up the night with Shamu Rocks! An amazing night show in Shamu Stadium with lights and loud rock music! The kids sat down in rows 2 and 4-so they had a really wet ride home-while we sat in the wheelchair section with E-and remained dry!

How funny is it that we ran into the Kellers from KC today-they have been in Florida on vacay for the last week also! AND we hooked up with a former Sgt of Brian's, Buddy Hunholz and his family who were at Sea World today too. Buddy moved to Palm Beach 3 years ago and works for Miami Gardens PD!

Had another great day today-headed to Cocoa Beach tomorrow and maybe Gator Land-ssshhh don't tell Parker-it's going to be a surprise cause we aren't sure we can make it. It will be great for him since he doesn't do the rides like Hailey does-it will be more his 'thing'.

Then back to reality as we head home Sunday and Monday!

Our private dolphin feeding/petting

This was Ethan's face after the dolphin he was petting moved-it freaked him out!

Shamu Rocks!

The dolphin show at Blue Horizons Theatre

Brian & Hailey on the Manta-look closely-top of the screen last car-Hailey in white shirt at the top of the pic, Brian next to her in green shirt with arms up!

The Kids with Shamu!

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