Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Blizzards, Balls, Sickness, Injuries-just another day in our lives....

Sorry it's been soooo long since my last update!  As you can see by the pics-we have had a 'blizzard' in KC!   It actually didn't cripple the city too badly-I made it to work both days of it that I had to work-with the help of my husband's truck anyway!  Our neighborhood, and most the area did live with one lane of traffic for about a week-but definitely survivable!  The wind chill was too cold for kids to sled, so we spent some lazy days around the house-and me hitting the gym!

me standing in our front yard after the 'blizzard'

our front walkway

our driveway

 Brian and I and our awesome PD friends attended our second Policeman's Ball.  It was a blast, and raised funds for the families of officers killed in the line of duty.  It was a great night-ok all day event-with fab friends that started with pedis at 0930 and ended with breakfast at 0330.....with a whole lotta alcohol and laughs in between!  Looking forward to next year (right Oliver???)           ps....lots more pics(some slightly inappropriate) on FB

Policeman's Ball 2011
Love ya ladies-Andrea, Jenn, Michala, Andrea, Heather

Hailey's team placed 3rd in the Parkville Pow Wow out of 19 teams, and though she played awesome, she injured her shoulder at this tourney.  She has a partial tear of her rotator cuff, and a small effusion at her AC (acromioclavicular) joint.  In layman's terms....pain, pain and more pain.  No more volleyball for a while as she gets physical therapy to help strengthen her shoulder muscles.  She played in another tournament after the Pow Wow, and just made it worse.   So, per her surgeon and PT, with some rest and strength-her VB career is not over-just delayed.  There are 4 more tournaments scheduled, and she will probably be able to play in the last 2-maybe 3.  She's pretty bummed, but gets why it's important to take it easy at age 14 and not ruin it for high school!

On top of all that, Ethan has been a wreck for the last few months.  In the process of trying to figure out what is going on with him, we are worn slick with little sleep and a crying kid who can't tell us what is wrong! 
Is it his gut? 
Is it his immunoglobulin infusions? 
Is it is secretions?
We've been to ill clinic, Pulmonology, ill clinic again, Medically Complex Clinic, his Pediatrician, andGI this week.....waiting for calls back from Allergy now.  Good news is-this week he has been the best ever-minus his Robinul for secretions and his immunoglobulin infusion, adding Prevacid.  So, who the heck knows whats wrong with him.  I stopped the meds and figured we would add them back in one by one as we saw symptoms that give us the need for them. 
AND.....Parker was diagnosed with Influenza A this week!!  So far all of us here are feeling pretty crappy, but none of us except for him have the full blown, body aches, coughing, sniffling, fever type of Flu A-including the bald kid.
Wow!  who would have ever thought I'd be posting that HE is the healthy one with a terrible virus in our house???? 
SSSSHHHH don't tell him!!

Speaking of the little bald guy, Ethan, is turning 7 in about a month.  It is so hard to believe he is actually that old.  Though my baby he will always be!  We will be celebrating with a low key Cowboy party at home complete with riding and roping! 
So put yer boots on, saddle up, and head on over for his
S'mores and Spurs 7th Birthday Party on Saturday April 2nd

I am fast approaching the big 4-0! and my amazing hubby is planning a bash to rival all bashes we have thrown.  Complete with a DJ-the fabulous sounds of DJ Dave Reyburn of Soundgate Productions,  my hubby and Aunt Kathy's famous smoking of pulled pork and brisket and Southwest Beans, delish cupcakes courtesy of a great friend and neighbor of my sisters, and of course lots of bubbly, beer and dancing into the wee hours with some of the greatest friends and family a girl could have!!  Anyone free on Friday April 22, head on over for an awesome time!

I have still been working out with my trainer extraordinaire, though have had a really hard time getting back into it since my surgery.  My diet is terrible, and with the lack of sleep and sick kiddos, my time at the gym has definitely suffered.  It is all just a bunch of bullcrap excuses, I know.  I just need to get my head in the right place and realize that I am not at my best as a wife, mother, daughter, sister or friend if I'm not AT MY BEST!  So, with that said, I am making a new pledge, tonight, here and's hard core til 40!  We are trying to work 3 sessions a week for me with James into the budget, and that will definitely help keep me on track and more accountable.  I just have to keep telling myself-I am worth it, and I deserve it!  And we are buying a boat for this summer at the lake and my fat behind is not yet ready for a swimsuit!!!    So, if you are reading this and sometime between now and April 22nd see me, a hug, a word of encouragement, and a tackle to pull me off the Coke fountain will be much appreciated! 
Oh, and check out my trainer's new website-he has an incredible connection to one of the American Idols contestants Chris Medina.  Read it, and buy a bracelet to help out with medical expenses for Chris's fiancee Julianna!

love, hugs, prayers, clean eating and cardio!

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  1. First off, sorry to hear you can't figure out what's going on with Ethan, so sad when they can't tell you and you feel helpless :(

    I think you look stunning, amazing, and tiny in those pictures!! But, keep up the good work, you're doing fantastic!

    Hope everyone is feeling better from the flu gunk and injuries soon, soon!