Monday, September 27, 2010

Rough and Crazy week....

To begin with, I was sick for 2 days last week, and thus missed one of my sessions with James, and I suppose losing a few pounds through vomiting doesn't really count.  I missed 3 days of cardio, and by the time I saw him on Saturday, though I felt better, I was still so weak.  And did I mention I'm really beginning to hate that pulley piece of equipment that James is convinced I have the strength in my arms to sit on the floor and pull 50lbs down with each arm????  more than once???  and do three sets???  I kinda felt at one point that when I extended my arms they would rip out of their sockets, but when I envisioned that happening and blood splurting all over the gym with my hands stuck clinging to the handles, I gutted it out and did the best I could.  I would have felt really bad if Brandi had to clean up that mess!  I'm feeling much better today, and hit the gym with Brian for a quick 45 minute/500 calorie burn cardio session-and it felt goooood! 

Now, Brian on the other hand, had a kick-ass week and though he didn't lose but a few pounds by the scale, he lost 6 folds on his stomach which means 3.1% body fat loss!!!  In two weeks!!!  Rock on hubby!  We are both at the point where if we don't make it to the gym for a day-we get kinda bitchy with each other and tend to be snappy.  AND Parker and Hailey are getting in on it too, I even tried to get Park to get me a Coke from the cooler outside and pretend like it was his if Dad saw him-and he wouldn't do it!!!  He looked right at me and said "Mom, NO!  You are on diet and you are doing so well, I'm not gonna get you one!"  THEN he dimed me out to Brian!  I am proud to say that I DID NOT have that Coke, and I lived! 
Just kidding, I am very proud of him for shutting me down in a weak moment and I know he's doing it out of love-isn't that what we are supposed to say to our kids?  I'm only doing this because I love you....
I feel soooo loved!
And that's exactly what I said to him when I made him run around the block the other day for talking back to me!  I love you Parker-and instead of taking your stuff away, or grounding you, or smacking you, just go run around the block.
He half-laughed and looked at me like I was joking, when I pointed my finger to the door Go-NOW!
He looked at me like I had three heads and pouted his way out the door.  Brian heard me and had to leave the room so as not to laugh at Parker in front of him, then I heard him yell from the garage Your Mom said RUN Parker, not walk-get a move on boy!
Then we both had a good laugh!  For those of you who don't know Park very well-he's not exactly the running type-and was less than thrilled to learn of his new punishment.  BUT-he agrees it was a good idea and decided to stop talking back-for the rest of that day anyway....he's run the block a few times since then.

Hailey turned 14 last week-oh, how the years have flown by!  So, craziness must have set in, because I agreed to let her and one of her BFF's (whose birthday is the day after Hay's) have a combo party together at our house!  Just a few-30 kids-Mom, please!!!   And I can't drink any alcohol!!!  What was I thinking??  It was good though, all the kids were very well behaved, and a good time was had by all!  Though when a couple of Moms I haven't met before dropped kids off for the party, they didn't think I was funny when they asked if Brian and I would be there all night and I laughed and replied  Well, yeah, except for while we are out to eat and at the movies....  I don't think they thought my dry humor was too humorous!  And yes, we remained home all night! 
We are going shopping soon with all her b-day money! 

The Ref was wishing Hailey a Happy Birthday after we walked in with all our homemade signs!

Hay and Tay-Happy 14th
The Party group!

Ethan not loving kisses from his big sissy!


Brian and I both managed to be off tomorrow night, so after my hour of grueling torture with James, and Hailey's volleyball game we are going on a date!  Since we can't very well go out to eat, we are going to the movies to see the new Ben Affleck flick 'The Town' and we'll be taking our bottled water, Crystal Light drop-ins and rice cakes with us-no movie popcorn or nachos for us anymore!  Hell, that ought to save us about thirty dollars at least!  !

My friend Andrea finished her transformation this weekend-and I cannot wait to see her 'after' pictures!  She looked awesome the last time I saw her about a month ago, and I know she has continued to work her ass off 'til the end!  You did it girl!!! 
My friend Jenn had a rough week, we spent some time on the phone in tears wondering what the hell we were doing, and her trying to convince me she couldn't go on.  But she got up and got to it!  She is hanging in there and kickin' butt too!  Jenn-those jeans are not far from looking hot on you too Momma-YOU CAN DO IT!!!   Brandi gave Jenn a tip I am going to steal for myself-every Wednesday try those jeans on and each week they will fit a little more, eventually, until they slide right on like they were made for you!  I have a cute pair of black pants I bought a few years ago that still have the tags on them, and I'm going to do the same thing until they fit!  They are hanging up in my closet-kinda creepy like-but when I feel like I can't do it anymore, I go look at those pants and know that I can do it, and I am going to fit into them by Christmas!! 

Brandi told me how much she enjoys hearing from others how her story and her success has inspired others to get healthy, and I after this week I know how she feels.  Two people have emailed me privately asking the same questions I asked of Brandi before I took the plunge and told me I have been their inspiration to get up and get to it themselves!  To begin to make better choices and change their lifestyles for the better.  I can't believe I've ever been called inspirational  before.  It is a tough road though, and anyone willing to take the plunge, I don't take credit for-but will stand by their sides as they have me, and offer as much encouragement, advice, tips and recipes on how to make chicken taste less like chicken when you've had it for 37 days straight that I can!

Thanks to all of my wonderful friends and family for the support and encouragement!  Off to do some exercise ball sit-ups and plank before bed!

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  1. Sounds like you guys are doing great. I love that your kids are keeping you in check!!